Wednesday, December 6, 2006

RAISE Awareness - RAISE Pride Campaign: a message from

The following is from Shabnam Rezaei, founder of
& co-creator of “Babak and Friends” animated children series:

We are hard at work behind the scenes on a brand new cartoon entitled "Babak & Friends - A Persian Journey". As some of you know, while we have had great feedback and response to our first film A First Norooz, we not been able to cover costs. This holiday, we need your help to raise $50,000 to put towards our next film, in which Babak and his cousins visit some of Iran's fantastic historical sites and partake in fun cultural traditions.

To help raise this money, we have an awesome new black Persian & Proud T-Shirt. If you want to support our work, help us and buy one, two, ten, or as many as your can and hand them out as gifts this holiday season. They are only $19.99 but this will go a long way in helping us with the high costs of animation.

You can buy T-shirts in our online store []
. Thanks again for your continuous support. We hope with your help, we can continue our work in the coming year.

Shabnam Rezaei
Norooz Productions
Culture Through Entertainment

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