Monday, December 18, 2006

FIFA lifts Iran's international ban, does not give any detailed explanation

FIFA's President Sepp Blatter announced the lifting of the ban on Saturday, but did not really explain how he reached his decision. I wonder how the issue was resolved since FIFA had a set of conditions and a deadline. I believe that an understanding was reached where FIFA told the Iranian officials not to ever take such actions again and in return the ban was lifted. The Iranians got their way again! Either they are very good negotiators or the Europeans just give in easily!!! What do you think?

Blatter thanked Asian Football Confederation president Mohammed bin Hammam for his mediation. He further stated: "I'm grateful to the political leaders in Iran for understanding that we're not dealing with the internal running of their country," and added: "If you participate in FIFA everybody has to abide by the FIFA statutes, otherwise they can stay in their country."

I first told you about the ban on November 25 and its temporary lifting on November 28. You may check the Archive for both stories.

Here is the BBC story announcing the lifting of the ban:

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