Thursday, November 30, 2006

Iranian woman in INS jail needs your urgent help!

An Iranian Refugee woman who has escaped Iran and has applied for asylum at the U.S. border has been detained by INS for over 14 months while her asylum request is being considered. The laws enacted after tragic 9/11 event has caused her to remain in INS jail while her asylum application is being considered.

She has no relative in the U.S. to help her and the INS has set a bond of $10,000.00 for her release while her asylum application is being considered.

This fellow countrywoman needs our help. An American church in San Francisco is pledging to raised $5000.00 of the money. But we need to raise the rest from our own community. Timing is crucial. Because of her fragile mental condition and the danger that her bail may be revoked, we have to get her out ASAP. Another local church group has pledged shelter for her once she is out.

Please help and donate as much as you are able to. The woman has endured so much just to escape Iran and then to get to the U.S. border and now she is breaking up for being jailed for nearly 15 month. She has committed no crime except for being an Iranian refugee with no family or friends in the U.S.

Please send you checks ASAP to Ali Golchin, Esq. and make a notation in trust for “Mahroukh” release account. We have a deadline of December 6, 2006 to meet for her release.
If you wish to wire the money please e-mail me the amount you are sending also:
Wells Fargo Bank, Attorney-Client Trust Account:

Routing #: 122000247
Account#: 8836187024

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