Saturday, February 17, 2007

Opinion: Uncertainty continues

I have been sucked into the news during the past a few weeks and have not updated the blog. I'm suspecting from now on we'll have more opinion pieces. I encourage you to participate in the debate. I have no clue what's going to happen.

But here's what I know: The U.S. is clearly making a case for justification of military action against Iran much like it did with Iraq. If the Americans don't see the spinning, then they just don't.

*First, American forces attack a diplomatic office (not an official Consulate) in Erbil and arrest Iranian IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps) members. The Iranian government has officially confirmed the detainees as IRGC members and the Iraqi government protests the arrests saying that the Iranians were in Erbil at the invitation of the Iraqi government. By the way, Erbil is not some Shiite stronghold in Iraq. Rather, it's the capital of the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan.

*Next, in what American forces and media call a sophisticated and coordinated operation, seven American soldiers are lured passed a check point, surrounded and shot to death. Somehow, the soldiers' deaths are linked to the Iranians retaliating for the Erbil incident without any proof.

*All of the sudden an insurgent group that is initially reported to be Sunni tries to take over Najaf and allegedly kill Iraq's most revered Shiite cleric, Ayatollah Al-Sistani. Later the group is identified as some Shiite cult similar to Hojjatis in Iran (Surprise, surprise. Ahmadinejad is allegedly linked to Hojjatis as well!!!)

*In the meantime American choppers are crashing left and right, allegedly taken down by projectile objects that can penetrate armor.

*Finally, they come up with yet another catchy term EFP (like IED) and nameless Pentagon officials in Iraq show the press some pictures and documents claiming the explosives have entered Iraq from Iran, having been made in Iran and authorized to be used in Iraq against the American forces by the highest levels of Iranian government. One top American general dismisses the claim and the direct link with the Iranians killing American forces shortly after the circus with the nameless Pentagon officials. The White House insists that the Pentagon and the General's comments are not inconsistent with each other.

And the American public is eating it up once again. All this without any concrete evidence! Their claims are even more ridiculous than the ones they made against Iraq!!! Stay tuned for more...

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